Small Jobs are another sector of Olympic Construction’s business attained through client interaction and construction knowledge to assure their customers desires are carried out cost effectively and to the highest quality. Our company knows how hard it is to make an honest living and we want our clients to get the best product and design for the best price. Olympic is a “hands on” construction company whereby completing the majority of work through our own personnel enables us to have greater control over the project and deliver high-quality product with economical service. Our skilled team will be able to quickly put together an accurate and comprehensive estimate of the work so that your job can start quickly, and finish on time and on budget. We can help you with your all your project needs regardless of size, contact us anytime for free estimates.

Olympic has completed various siding jobs over the past 40 years and is capable of taking on any sized metal siding job. We have been helping clients for years through the process of selecting proper functional products for their applications for both interior and exterior applications. We can help you improve your building’s curb appeal and functionality creating a long-lasting product. We know the importance of both of these, and that’s why we take the care to ensure that your job is completed with the highest quality of construction. Call us for anything, from small leak repairs, to entire siding replacement, and everything in-between.

The finish product in any building is the most important factor to customer satisfaction, the majority of the finish product is seen through the quality work of ceilings, drywall, plaster and paint. Olympic provides quality workmanship and are willing to go the extra mile to achieve the best product through client communication, customer service and in depth scheduling.  Olympic has the skilled labour and talented management needed to complete any steel stud and drywall installation, regardless of the size or scope. This could mean small repairs or the completion of a full fit up project, we have the latest technology and a broad knowledge of material applications to best fit your companies needs. Look no farther than Olympic Construction, we not only will complete the steel stud and drywall installations, but our expertise as a general contractor allows us to effectively manage any sized fit up project as a whole. Call us today for a quote.

This is a specialized trade in itself, Olympic has skilled tradesman that specialize in this field, who are very efficient at installing the various types of setups with an outstanding quality of work and timely installations. Olympic possesses a vast knowledge in the latest types of hardware and specialty types of doors to suit your application and excel your business, no job is too big or to small.

Olympic construction can provide demolition services for a wide variety of different jobs. We have an abundance of heavy equipment and qualified personnel to address all your demolition needs. Our team will provide quick effective service and leave you with a clean and tidy job site.

Olympic construction has prided itself in specialty concrete work and has stood above all competition in this field. We are known for the quality concrete products our company produces. We have completed some of the most complicated and complex formwork in numerous jobs throughout the years. We bring this experience to every job and know what to look for to ensure than your concrete job will be successful. Olympic has full time staff members to complete any concrete or formwork job that may arise, again no job is to big or to small, residential or commercial. Call today for a quote.

Olympic owns a number of coring machines and concrete saws to tackle a job any size. We possess years of experience dealing with various types of concrete with differing qualities and strengths over the years and have acquired a knowledge to handle each and every situation. Our company has an in-house staff to complete the work required at competitive rates with quality workmanship to fit your schedule.